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The Modern Technique to Protect the crop..

The Solar Power Fencing Fasal Suraksha Kawach

The fence is like barbed wire fencing with multiple strands of plain wires and metal/cement/ wooden posts to hold the strands in position. The wires carry high voltage current. The Solar Power Fence gives a sharp, short but a non-lethal shock to the intruder and creates psychological fear, against any tampering. These are tailor made fences and can be designed according to customer needs and site condition. The following diagram describes the solar fencing system:

Features of Solar fencing Fasal Suraksha Kawach Design :

  1. · Power fence can be erected to target species only.
  2. · Low maintenance.
  3. · Long lasting because of minimal physical pressure.
  4. · All domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically.
  5. · Make strip grazing and back fencing easy.
  6. · Encourages additional subdivision, giving increased production.
  7. · Modification of system to control a variety of animals is very easy.
  8. · Aesthetically pleasing.
  9. · Discourages trespassers and predators.
  10. · Not harmful. It gives a short, sharp but safe shock to the intruder.
  11. · Perimeter protection

Why Solar Fencing Required ??

Farmers are always exposed to various external risks like weather dependence, market prices, inputs availability etc. Another potent risk for farming is damage to crops by stray/ wild animals. For Uttar Pradesh more than wild animals the farmers are exposed to risk of crop damage from animals. As per Department of Agriculture and Department of Horticulture Government of Uttar Pradesh analysed many area are affected by wild life which annually causes a heavy loss to the farmers. The extent of loss is upto 50% of the normal yield of crops in some cases. Loss in employment/livelihood is over and above these estimated losses.

Layout and Design of Solar Fencing System

Fasal Suraksha Kawach