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Working of Solar Power Fencing System

A solar panel is made up of a number of photovoltaic cells connected in series. Electricity is generated by these cells. Combined into a solar panel, these cells can produce enough voltage to charge a regular 12 volt battery. The solar panel ensures that the battery remains charged at all times. The battery stores the energy generated by the panel, and powers the energizer 24 hours a day. The energizer is the device which transform the low voltage current from battery to high voltage (upto 10,000 volts) current and send it to the electric fence. This way the fence is electrified and animals touching the fence receive the shock. Due to high voltage shock to the animals touching the fence, animals keep away from the fence and field is protected. 

Solar Power fence is an electrical fence. This system actively controls entry of animals, human being by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock ANANT AGRI PRODUCT PROTECTION WORKS provide both an economic and a practical solution to achieve maximum protection through effective control of animal trespass and browsing.

Cost of Solar Fencing

Unit Cost has been worked out 5 Different Models Viz 1 Acre, 5 Acre, 10 Acre And 20 Acre., 30 Acre Higher models are suitable for group of farmers.

Estimated Cost of  Solar Fencing Using RCC Poles & 4 line Chart 

Acre/ Boundary Feet

Wire/4 Line in Kg.

Poles 7 feet No.

Solar Fencing Unit & Accessories Price


1Acre= 960 Feet


40 Poles

Rs 18000/-

 Rs. 21000/-

Rs. 46100/-

5Acre=2147 Feet

122Kg. Rs 15738/-

95 Poles 

Rs. 42750/-

Rs. 26000/-

Rs. 84488/-

10 Acre="3036" Feet

173Kg.  Rs. 22317/-

130 Poles  Rs. 58500/-

Rs. 31000/-

Rs. 111817/-

20 Acre="4294" Feet

245 Kg.  Rs. 31605/-

190 Poles Rs. 85500/-

Rs. 34000/-

Rs. 151105/-

30 Acre="5259" Feet

301 Kg.  Rs. 38829/-

230 Poles  Rs.103500/-

 Rs. 38000/-

Rs. 180329/-

*All Prices are indicative only for calculation ,Actual Cost may Differ .